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When it comes to our services, we're not your average drive-thru; humbly speaking, the service we offer is closer to Michelin-starred restaurant than to McDonald's



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What others say

  • Working with Ballers has been extremely pleasant. They have been available for us at all times, always keeping our wishes in mind and fulfilled. Transparency also characterizes our cooperation with them, as they keep us constantly informed about every stage of the process. They are definitely not partners who would do something on their own; the client is always involved in everything. They can think along at every level and, thanks to their vast experience, they always provide valuable advice. And if sometimes a line of code does not want to cooperate, they always find a way to solve it. All this is accompanied by good humor!

    Mariann Kraav
    Mariann KraavTechnical Product Manager
  • I have been collaborating with Ballers for over 7 years now. They are a good, stable partner who has been able to support our growth throughout the years. What i like about Ballers is their agility to partner on larger developments that last weeks, as well as to support with minor improvements and testing. They are able to feedback on the status of work on a scale of 10, for example. This also helps us plan our next steps in relation to the project. I recommend working with Ballers because they are capable of thinking along and discussing how to achieve better solutions. They do so agilely and stay within the agreed budget better than other providers.

    Tauri Kärson
    Tauri KärsonDirector of Carsharing
  • I highly value the collaboration with Ballers. They are operational, solution-oriented, and always contribute ideas. Finding a good web partner is a big challenge; small players tend to disappear, and larger ones have more important clients who push the smaller clients to the background. With Ballers, I have never felt that we are secondary. Therefore, I recommend Ballers to everyone who values quality and responsiveness, with their active and positive customer service. The speed and focus on getting things done, with the added bonus of very good humor in customer communication.

    Kristi Jõeäär
    Kristi JõeäärMarketing and Communication Manager
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Top-notch professionals and great people we trust and recommend. These are partnerships that last longer and are more meaningful than Leonardo DiCaprio's relationships with his 25-year-old girlfriends.

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